Thursday, November 12, 2009

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The beginning of the end of the novel starts with Hasan sent into exile. Hasan was banished from Fez because he was linked to the death of Zarwali. The Sultan sent him into exile for two years, but he would face repercussions if he did not leave. Hasan left with Hiba and guards who he had hired to come with them. They were caught in a snow storm upon leaving. During the storm Hasan and Hiba took refuge in a cave which eventually was blocked by the snow, shepherds came to open the entrance but were not happy to see Hasan and Hiba inside, yet the shepherds still showed them hospitality. While hiding out, Hasan realizes he is very much in love with Hiba, and decides to take her back to her family. A few days later Hiba is taken to her family who offers to buy her back. Hasan refuses to accept their money. Hasan leaves for Timbuktu, Cairo, Constantinople, and then Rome. In Rome, Hassan becomes a teacher and a scholar; he also becomes involved with the Lutheran movement. In Rome Hasan is baptized by Pope Leo X and christened under the name Leo. It is in Rome where Leo picks up the name Leo Africanus.

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  1. Valid points, but please expand on them - this blog post is rather short (remember - you should be writing a page long commentaries).