Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leo Africanus

In this week's readings Hasan continues his never ending life adventure. This section of the book is similar to the other sections, as Hasan moves from one stage of his life to another. Very similar to the last section we read Hasan has to deal with death in his life, when he loses his wife. Not to long after he finds himself in a new place, starting a new chapter to his life.

In the beginning of the reading Hasan is exiled from his community for his contribution in defending his brother, who was accused of murder. Hasan left with no choice but to leave, took his slave Hiba and a few guards and was off to yet another place he would call home. During his travels, a storm killed the guards and Hasan realized his love for Hiba. He then decides to take Hiba back to her family. Her family agrees to buy her back, but Hasan refuses the money.

Later, Hasan is captured by an Italian pirate. He is then moved to Rome and taken in by Pope Leo X. In Rome, Hasan becomes an academic scholar and continues to teach and learn, just as he has throughout most of the book. In Rome Christianity is practiced, so Hasan is baptized and renamed Leo Africanus. I found this part of the book interesting because, when we first started reading I wasn't sure where the name Leo Africanus came from. But now I see where the name came about.

Following Leo Africanus's life has been very interesting. I think it is cool that throughout all the drastic changes that have occurred in each section, Leo has still remained somewhat the same guy. But what I don't understand is how he has been able to just pick up and leave place after place, but do it like its not big deal. I guess when you have no choice that's what you have to do.

-Justin Lovett

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  1. I think once a person leaves, they are ready to leave again. And I think eventually things like that start to become a new lifestyle where you just come and go carrying little with you.