Friday, October 16, 2009

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Nationalism is connected with the rise of democracy however it is not necessarily the reason for it. It connected because people of a democracy connect with their government and has proud goals, which comes along with loving your nation. Therefore, when there was a rise is democracy, there was also a rise in nationalism. During this time of democratization and nationalism there was a serious change in the balance in good relations with people. Nationalism made people want to represent their own selves so there was lots of a tension between minorities and Jews etc.

Now a days I think there are a few important parts of nationalism even though technically it probably shouldn’t be a part democracy. I think it is important for people to not only feel connected to their government but also to their country. Language can connect people to one another and their country.

The more governments democratized; unfortunately the more classes of people were disenfranchised. However, before democracy they never had the right to vote to begin with so maybe this is still an okay upgrade. However, as time went on those classes regained back their rights and eventually even women were granted the right to vote. With this the importance of education grew. With all of these new changes the bourgeoisie slunk farther and farther out of their time of domination.

---Dorothy Smith "Bunny"

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