Friday, October 30, 2009

Leo Africanus pt.1

The first section of Leo Africanus was much more interesting than the other books we have read so far. By using the first person perspective to describe the life of the main character the author keeps the reader interested. I thoroughly enjoyed the great attention to detail used to create a mental picture for the reader of the first few experiences of the main characters life. These detail highlight the aspects of the author's culture that reader might not be familiar with. I enjoyed that the author used both words of the character's native language and the descriptions of these words in English to detail the feast his family celebrated shortly after his birth.

The most interesting part of this reading for me was the detail the author uses to show the relationships within his family. Just by showing these relationships he opens up the entire culture he grew up in for the reader. From religion to the relationship between his mother and father, these details show the reader that the culture in which they are being submerged is quite different from their own.

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