Friday, September 25, 2009

g-20 experience

Yesterday I was able to volunteer for g-20. Being a korean- american I helped out at the help desk at the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square for the Korean embassy. Being that I could speak fluently in both Korean and American. I volunteered for a couple hours yesterday in the lobby with a bunch of other volunteers that were bilingual. On my way down there I took public transportation having to transfer in south side. I assumed traffic to be very busy and thought it would take me a while to get down there. Even though it took me an hour to get there, it was because those buses did not come by frequently even on a regular basis. On my way there, I saw many army hummers with military men every 2-3 blocks once I got near to the hotel. Once I arrived at the hotel, I noticed there were many reporters waiting around in the lobby. There were a bunch of security officials in the doorway of every entrance. I found the help desk and spent most of my time there asking any questions people had. There were a bunch of people that came by to look at the visitor pamphlets. The highlight of my day was when one of the other helpers was excitedly saying there's Hines Ward! I assumed it was outside and was just passing by but then I saw him coming in through the revolving doors. There was a few people taking pictures of him but couple people including me was able to take a picture with him! Supposedly he came by to give the korean president a signed football since Hines Ward was half korean. Hines Ward then went upstairs to wait for him I guess. It was around dinner time when I saw the korean embassy come. I noticed there were a bunch of bodyguards, identifying them because of the ear pieces they had on. They came in through couple large vans and brought along lots of luggage. A bunch of the korean reporters had their cameras set up by the windows to try and get a picture of the president coming in. However, even after everyone got off and entered the building, the korean president was no where to be seen. None of the bodyguards came back and then probably an hour later Hines Ward left the building without the football. So it was obvious the president came in through a back entrance to shy himself away from the reporters. So after a couple more hours, my shift was done and I left for home with again no traffic. But on the way home I was able to see a bunch of people standing around at Schenley Park. Not knowing that in a couple hours people would be tear gassed or arrested.


  1. That's very interesting that you got to volunteer as a Korean- America. Seeing all of the events that unfolded because of this G20 in Pittsburgh has really been eye opening for me, and I bet it was an experience to be able to see the other side of the spectrum.
    I only was able to see many of the protests (as opposed to obviously seeing any officals) and the protests were very interesting and new to me. Of course the topics that were being protested were common protests to capitalism, Obama, the current job situations, etc, but the it was a very eclectic group of personalities.

  2. Quite interesting observations! Thanks!