Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introduction to the blog

This blog is a digital forum where students from class in Global Societies (SOC 0317) at the University of Pittsburgh will discuss their weekly readings.

Assignment reminder for the students: each week beginning the end of the second week, you are expected to post a commentary on the readings assigned for that week on this blog. An ideal commentary should be about one page in length, divided intro three sections in which you: 1) summarize in your own words of materials discussed that week; 2) mention of any new, interesting, or unusual items learned; 3) identify at least one question, concern, or discussion angle that is either problematic in some respect or could have been elaborated more. You should also make at least one comment about another student's blog. The commentary is due no later than Friday 10 am each week beginning second week, and the comment on another student's blog is due no later Saturday 5 pm each week.

If you need help with regards on how to post your blog comments, click here.

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